What We Offer



Sample Collection
Let us combine samples from your suppliers to lower your cost.

Factory Visits
We’ll visit your supplier and check their processes and certifications.

Manufacturing Coordination
Have an agent in China setup manufacturing on your behalf.

Product Inspection
Inspect products in China before they’re even exported.



Air Express
The fastest form of international shipping, at great rates.

Sea Freight
Save money with larger shipments.

Domestic Freight
We can handle all trucking within the US to the warehouse.

Customs Clearance
Let us handle all the paperwork, and never worry about fines again.

Prep and


Free with most orders, we can check for quality issues.

Bag & Tag
Complete Amazon-ready packing for your products.

We can drop in manuals, marketing inserts, and more.

Combine items into a single bundle at affordable rates.

Custom Services
No prep is beyond us. We’ll get the job done at a fair price.



Short Term Storage
Store your products while you work out the details to make your products live.

Long Term Storage
Avoid Amazon’s long term storage fees with our significantly lower rates.

Custom Services
your Amazon returns directly to us, and we will forward them to you.



Our world class staff is here to help you with all of your challenges.

No prep needed? We can accept your shipment and redirect it to Amazon.

Pack your products on pallets and enjoy reduced LTL shipment pricing.

Account Management
Let us save you time by logging into your account for labels and more.

Not selling on Amazon? We can work with other marketplaces as well.

What is our standard FBA prep service?

Our standard prep service includes reboxing and shipment to FBA center, with a maximum of 10 outgoing boxes included, additional small fee for extra boxes. We are your quality control – we will provide a free basic inspection with our standard FBA prep service fee, free of charge. No monthly fees, no subscriptions, our service is simple and laid out in every step of the process for your ease of use. We include e-mail support and are easy to reach as well as contact for any questions you may have.

Wholesale Prep

Our wholesale prep program is an industry exclusive! Sell all your brand name finds on Amazon without worrying about storage, inventory, and prep. Let us handle it all for you. While 14 days of storage, stickering, and polybagging are included for each item, our other prep services are available a la carte at our standard pricing as well. Only available for customers sending products in bulk via wholesalers – not for products from retailers.

Please contact us for program specifics, availability, and for a personalized quote.

*Program availability is limited at this time. Prices do not include shipping.

Freight Forwarding

We offer the most reliable and easy to use air & sea shipping service from China, even going direct to FBA!

If you’re a seller that is prepared and has everything properly “prepped” and you do not need any services, you simply need “Forwarding.” You are sending the product from an American supplier to us, and we will send it directly to Amazon FBA US-warehouses, so your original address is not on the packaging. We take the original sticker addressed to us off, add ours (provided by you via Amazon), and ship to Amazon. We do not open the box, we do not inspect, and we do not offer any prep services with this feature. We are not responsible for extra fees incurred by Amazon for improper product prep & labeling. This is strictly a mail forwarding service, not a prep service.

Removal Order Service

We will take your removal orders from Amazon and re-ship it to you. Amazon tends to send parts of return orders sporadically – we will send them out as we receive them. We will work with you to decide on a frequency that works best for you.

Custom Clearance

Waiting for updates!

Waiting for updates About Custom Clearance!


Waiting for updates!

Waiting for updates About Inspections!


Our office in China will help make importing easier than ever. We can help you in virtually any part of the process. Looking to import a bundle of products from different suppliers in one shipment? No problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see an answer to your question? Give us a call! (800) 518-3280

Prep and Forwarding

How come FBAxpress doesn’t include outbound shipping on prepped items to FBA?
Amazon’s Partnered Shipping option for transporting products from our facility to theirs is far less expensive than any carrier can offer independently. In the event you prefer not to use Amazon’s offering, we can provide quotes using standard carriers as well.

What is the difference between freight forwarding and FBAxpress’s Forwarding service?
Freight forwarding is the actual shipping of goods. Our Forwarding service is available for those unable to receive goods at their location. We will receive and send your products to Amazon, without any prep or inspection, at a reduced rate.

Freight Forwarding and Shipping

When shipping from my supplier, when is palletization required?
When shipping from your supplier, palletization is nearly always necessary.

What’s the difference between FOB vs EXW?
In a nutshell, FOB means that your goods will be ready at a port for pickup, and will be dropped off at a port. EXW, or “door-to-door” is picking up at the supplier’s location, and delivering right to our facility, or to Amazon. FOB can leave a little more in the supplier’s hands, while with EXW, we handle the entire process.

Why is your quote more expensive than another freight company’s?
While our rates are extremely competitive, we pride ourselves on reliability in shipping. We have never had a “miss” in shipping. Our network of carriers is built from years of experience, with plenty of testing carried out on each company. When you use us for shipping, you can be assured your products will be delivered without a hitch.

My supplier offered shipping for $300, why is your quote more expensive? Can you just pick up the goods at the port and take them to Amazon?
Many times suppliers don’t include charges for paperwork related to customs, or may package many customers’ goods together under their own name. While sometimes this works, we regularly see it cause delays and many extra charges (sometimes fees amounting to more than our original shipping quote). We highly recommend against using suppliers for shipping, unless you have substantial shipping experience.

Can you just pick up the goods at the port and take them to Amazon?
We really advise against this approach, as we often see customers surprised with fees and tight deadlines given by the port. There are many small nuances involved in shipping to Amazon that this approach leaves out.

Do you guys handle all customs?
Yes! We take care of all the paperwork for you, making sure you have an accurate quote, and a smooth importing experience. And in the event of the unexpected in shipping, we have extensive experience in rectifying nearly any situation that may arise.

I’m not in the USA, do I need an EIN to do business with you?
You don’t need an EIN to do business with us, but to sell on Amazon, you will need an EIN. Obtaining this is not a service we offer.

Can you ship direct to FBA?
Yes! Many of our customers who don’t need prep services do this to save money.

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